Sunday, July 9, 2006

Twins! (by the numbers)

The GCL Reds have two guys on their roster named Cabrera -- Angel and Enmanuel. The Pirates have a De Los Santos on their roster, a short stop with the first name of Jose.

Meanwhile the GCL Twins have their own shortstop named De Los Santos, his first name is Esterlin.

The GCL Twins have a Matthew, Mark, Loek and well, Juan on the roster, something the Miracle can't lay claim to. But the Miracle did have Jesus (Merchan) and (Matt) Moses at one time on their roster last year.

They do have an Angel (Garcia) and were only missing a "Mark" for a full house earlier this season.

The most popular given name on the GCL Twins this year is "Joe" although Acosta goes by Jose and William Benson goes by his middle name of Joe.

Through Extended Spring Training, it was "Danny" with Danny Hernandez, Danny Berg and Danny Sanitestban. Now we only have one "Dan" Leatherman, a free agent signee out of the University of West Virginia.

The average height for a GCL Twins player is 6'1". The shortest is Michael Cowgill at 5'9", the tallest is Loek Van Mil who tops out at 7'1".

The average weight for a GCL Twins player is 192 pounds. The scrawniest player is Esterlin De Los Santos, who weighs only 155. The heavyweights on the team are pitchers David Bromberg and Justin Staatz. Both of them weigh in at 230 pounds.

The average age of a GCL Twins player is (not suprisingly) 19. The oldest player on the team is Michael Cowgill, who turns 23 on July 21st. The youngest is Joan "Turtle" Ortiz, who is just 17.

Note that if you take the fielding out of the picture, the average height of our pitching staff is 6'4", the average weight is 199 pounds and the average age is 20.

The Twins travel a total of 398.6 miles weekly for games. Over the course of 9 weeks, that totals out to 3,587.4 bus miles totaled on the season.

The shortest trip the Twins take is to the Boston Red Sox Players Developmental Complex, a short hop of 10.5 miles on way or 21 miles round tip. The longest trip is to Pirates City in Bradenton, a trip of 101.6 miles (1 hour 35 minutes) one way, or 203.2 miles round trip.

The only other trip the Twins take during the course of the regular season, is to Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, 87.2 miles one way (1 hour 20 minutes) or 174.4 miles round trip.

Twins batting is currently 8th in the 13 team league, with 79 runs on 114 hits during 493 at bats. Their pitching record is slightly worse, 9th in the 13 team league with a 9-6 win/loss record and a combined era of 3.64.

7'1" righty Ludovicus Van Mil is ranked 14th in the league with pitchers who have pitched a minimum of .8 innings per game. He has a 2.03 era with 9 walks and 8 strikes outs in 13.1 innings.

Loek Van Mil is not just a "tall guy", but may be well the tallest guy in his family. His father is tame 6'8", his mother tops out at a lowely 6'1" and his older brother is a mere 6'6". And yes, any one of them would fit in well with our tree toppin' pitching staff.

Second round draft pick Joe Benson is 12th in league with a .308 batting average, acquiring 16 hits, 9 runs in 52 at bats through 14 games.

Twins birthdays this month are Eric Santiago (July 10), Dan Leatherman (July 12), Juan Delgano (July 18) and Michael Cowgill (July 21). A very Happy Birthday to all our July Twins.

None of our Current Twins are a "twin" per say, but Elizabethton Twins catcher Jeff Christy is a quadruplet, one of the famous Christy Quads, the second documented case of quadruplets in the state of Nebraska.

That about wraps it up for this edition of your GCL Twins by the numbers.

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