Thursday, August 30, 2007

Puppy the Stealer Stopper

Dan LehmannIris wanted the roster and schedule for instructs because "I'm the most important person who needs them." I corrected her, as I'm the one that provides the info to people I'm the one that needs them the most.

In any case, in an attempt to yank her chain, I walk by later and say "Dog the Bounty Hunter is coming to instructs."


"Dog. The Bounty Hunter." I was wondering if she lived under a rock or something.

"You mean that guy from TV?"


"Who's he coming to catch?"

"He's not coming to catch. He's coming to watch."

"Well, why would he do that?"

"Because we signed his nephew."

"Wait a minute," says Ed, breaking into this conversation. "Who signed him? The Miracle or the Twins?"

"The Twins." It was a stupid question. The Miracle don't sign players but it's kind of pointless sometimes to argue with Ed.

"What's his name?" Iris asks. "Puppy the bounty hunter?"

"Lehmann," I answer.

"What's he play?" Ed wants to know.

I thought that was obvious. "Catch. He's a puppy. He plays catch."


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