Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cole & Alex

Cole Devries was the player assigned to concourse autograph duty along with Johnny Woodard - who decided not to show up. Despite a fairly descent crowd on a Tuesday night, no one was lining up to get autographs. Anyway, I complimented him on his performance on Monday, his last two starts have been really good actually. (Pictures from Wednesday night's game)

I'd been sitting with Cole & Manny on Sunday when Tyler was on the mound to watch the speed gun, and I gather that he enjoyed the company because he says "Hey can you come and sit...oh wait. I'm in the dugout tonight. Well maybe you can come and...oh wait, we're off tomorrow."

"I'll come sit with you next home game, okay."

"That would be cool!"

Cole's a sweetheart. I really get a kick out of him. Tyler of course says "You don't need Cole to invite you, you know. You can come and sit with us ANY TIME you want."

I know that. I had originally intended to sit with Alex Burnett and Tyler Robertson last night and watch the gun, but Jim Rantz was in the row behind them, so I decided to wait for another evening. I did however take Alex the pictures I'd take of him Saturday night.

And of course I took the layouts I wanted signed over as well.

"For me?" I says, when I hand them the envelope and then he saw what I was holding and said "I want THAT!"

Fort Myers Miracle

"I'll get you one," I tell him.

"You can do that?" I'd hope so. I made it.

He's the first one to actually ask. I'm sure this will open up the floodgates though.

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